How can I get an RDP analysis done for my sample?

Firstly, RDP stands for Ribosomal Database Project. While we use a curated and more recently updated version of Greengenes in the BIomesight UI, you can request the RDP analysis by following these steps:

  1. Toggle to a family account if you haven't already - this will give you access to a Dashboard menu item

2. Look for the "RDP Analysis" button

RDP Button.PNG

3. Select the sample for which you would like to request an RDP analysis (or select multiple samples if multiple). You can only request the analysis on samples for which results are already in Biomesight.
4. Press the "RDP Analysis" button.
5. Wait to receive an email notification that the analysis is ready.
6. Download the RDP analysis as a CSV file from the RDP Column. See screenshot below.
download RDP.PNG

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