Can I export my data? Which formats do you provide?

We provide your data in both CSV (analysed) and raw FASTQ format (the actual DNA sequences), so you are free to download your data and analyse it elsewhere.

We also provide a printer-friendly HTML view that can be saved to a PDF for offline viewing or printing. Results can therefore be easily shared with healthcare practitioners. This version contains only the overall results from the overview section, so the web UI still needs to be used for recommendations, advanced analysis and other sections, e.g. metabolite production.

1. To generate a printable document, login to and go to
2. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a snippet that says "Click here for a printer friendly overview"
3. When you click on that, it will generate a HTML version of your report.
4. Open the HTML report in your browser.
5. Right click on the report and select "Print".
6. From the dialogue that opens up, change the print destination to "Save to PDF"
7. Select Save and choose a file name to save the file as.

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