Is it a diagnostic test?

The Biomesight Gut Microbiome Test is not a diagnostic test, however we help you to understand the correlations between your gut microbiome makeup and associated symptoms and conditions.

Gut microbiome research has been a hot topic in recent years, and our service is designed to guide you on your journey to optimal wellness while also furthering this research effort.

Our microbiome test can be considered a functional test that aims to uncover root causes that contribute to diseased states but that are not directly diagnostic of a condition.

A diagnostic test aims to establish whether a patient has a certain condition based on universally agreed diagnostic criteria. E.g. for a positive diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, clinicians would consider HBA1C above an agreed threshold as either pre-diabetic or diabetic. While this test determines whether a patient has a condition it does not seek to determine why the person has this condition. Recent research findings have found strong correlations between gut microbiome states that are considered dysbiotic (e.g. absence of sufficient probiotic bacteria, overgrowth of commensal bacteria and presence of pathogenic bacteria above normal ranges) and many chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes, autism, obesity to name just a few.

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