What can the Biomesight gut microbiome test tell me?

The Biomesight test provides a snapshot of the gut microbiome utilizing 16S rRNA sequencing technology. You will receive a count and relative abundance percentage of the bacteria in your microbiome, ranging from Phylum down to the species level. 16s DNA sequencing allows us to sequence a specific region (v4) of the 16s gene, and to match these sequences to our curated bacterial database. Using this method we are able to provide relative abundances of all bacterial organisms in your sample rather than targeting just a small subset of bacteria.
We provide an interpretation using Dr Jason Hawrelak's (Probiotic Advisor) recommended ranges for a subset of key bacteria (Probiotics, Commensals and Pathogens) along with our scoring system, diversity calculation and personalized recommendations for diet, prebiotic supplements and lifestyle adjustments based on up-to-date research findings. We also have a metabolites section with a focus on Short Chain Fatty Acids, Toxins and Neurotransmitter producers.

We provide full raw FASTQ data and CSV file downloads for those interested in analyzing their results elsewhere or working with a practitioner.

We have a demo account available which you can use to log in to biomesight to explore the site features before signing up or ordering a test kit.

The credentials are:
Username: member@example.com
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