What do I need to return to the lab?

Please return the tube (vial)  to us in the provided packaging (the full kit and not just the tube). The liquid in the tube is a preservative which will kill all the bacteria in the sample but preserve the DNA of the bacteria. It is important to ensure the sample is mixed well within the tube. Do not remove the tissue paper contained in the plastic bag in which you need to place the tube as it is there to absorb any spillage in case of accidental damage to the tube during transit.

Please do not return the swab to us. This can be discarded after use.

International customers (outside UK and USA) are provided with an additional pre-addressed mailing bag in which to place the kit. Postage will need to be added.

UK customers return the sample using our FREEPOST BIOMESIGHT Royal mail service and we forward that onto our lab in the USA on a weekly basis.

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