External Research collaborations

  • Which services do Biomesight offer to external researchers?

    We keenly pursue research collaborations with external research projects using 16s sequencing technologies, regardless of their funding source. Researchers are able to offer their study participants the option to register an account with us, register their sample ID and have their raw FASTQ data...
  • What do we typically charge for loading FASTQ data and sample IDs for a research project?

    We do not charge any fees to researchers. Therefore please get in touch with us at support@biomesight.comĀ if you are interested in collaborating with us.
  • Technology and sequencing requirements

    As our service is based on 16s sequencing technologies, we can only collaborate with research projects using the same technique. We can upload samples which have had their v3, v4 or v3-v4 regions sequenced. We also require a minimum sequencing depth of ~20,000 paired reads per sample.
  • What data are research projects expected to share?

    We would appreciate any additional data other than the FASTQ and sample IDs to be shared as it will make the data more valuable for our own research purposes. Note that once the data is uploaded, customers and by extension study participants do not have the ability to delete their data as we incl...