Which services do Biomesight offer to external researchers?

We keenly pursue research collaborations with external research projects using 16s sequencing technologies, regardless of their funding source.

Researchers are able to offer their study participants the option to register an account with us, register their sample ID and have their raw FASTQ data automatically uploaded to Biomesight. Study participants can therefore benefit from the Biomesight interpretation, recommendations and other site features free of charge.

We currently support FASTQ files that are split by forward and reverse sequences and are working on adding support for merged reads to our analysis pipeline.

The 16s regions we support are V3, V4 or V3-V4.

Our collaborations with researchers are not for profit and we do not charge a fee to perform bulk uploads of the data to our platform. We re-analyse all raw data and do not directly load analysed CSV data.

We would also appreciate any further data that can be shared with others such as participant questionnaires. We are not interested in any customer identifiable information.

We are also able to help with research studies by offering kit distribution, lab extraction and sequencing and use of our platform for analysis. Please read more about our services here.

Oct 18, 2023

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