How does Biomesight compare to others gut microbiome tests on the market, e.g. Viome, uBiome, ThryveInside, AtlasBiomed, DayTwo, British Gut Project, American Gut

Biomesight uses the same sequencing technology used by ThryveInside, AtlasBiomed as well as the not for profit research projects American and British Gut projects.

For details of how we differ from DayTwo and Viome, please refer to Why was 16s sequencing chosen over shallow shotgun, deep shotgun, metatranscriptomics?

While our sequencing technology is identical to others on the market, there are still differences due to the following reasons:

  1. DNA stabilization buffer used
  2. DNA extraction method
  3. Which 16s region is sequenced
  4. The bacterial sequence database used to match the DNA sequences to
  5. The classification algorithm used to match to the DNA sequences

We offer a free FASTQ analysis service which allows you to upload your raw FASTQ data (Files containing the 16s DNA sequences) and therefore makes it more meaningful to compare samples sequenced by different labs.

Other than the sequencing technology used, the main difference between ourselves and others are in the interpretations, recommendations and analysis features provided.

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