How to invite your practitioner to Biomesight

If you are working with a practitioner that doesn't have an account on Biomesight yet, you can invite them to sign up. Practitioner accounts are free.

To invite your practitioner:
1) Login to your Biomesight and go to Practitioner - Grant Access or follow this link:
2) First check that they definitely do not have an account with us yet by searching the practitioner list:
grant access.png
3. Once you've confirmed they do not have an account, you can invite them using the "invite practitioner" button:
4. This will open up a form where you need to enter their name and email address. Once you submit the form, an invitation email will be sent to them with a link to the sign up:
invite form.png
5. Once they sign up, access will NOT be granted to them automatically. This feature is currently underway. So hopefully they will let you know when they've signed up and you can them grant access to them as per step 2 above.

Jan 26, 2023

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